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Andy S

Good insight, I don't disagree with much. I do disagree with your thoughts and criticism of Grossman. I believe he is the 2nd best defenseman; Timonen is only slightly better than him. He is a shot blocking machine and he takes about a lot of ice. His biggest problems are mobility, which I am willing to live with and him being pared with Coburn. Coburn has had an awful year. Coburn gets caught out of position way too much.

Also, I believe only short-sighted Flyers fans would regret trading JVR for Schenn. JVR consistly underperformed for the Flyers and one could get the feeling that he would benefit from a scene change, and that is what happened. Although Schenn has made mistakes, as all defenseman do, but obtaining a quality, YOUNG, defenseman is too much to pass up, especially considering the depth the Flyers have in scoring offense man.

Andy S

Also, Andrej Messarozs has been a disaster for the Flyers. This guy can not stay healthy. Which puts too much pressure on the other top d men.

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